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PRO-AIR 4 cut-resistant skate socks are a game-changer in comfort, protection, and performance.

  • Sold as One Pair
  • Size: One Size (fits ages 10 to  Adult)
  • Height:  16 inches
  • Note: If the socks are too long, the welt can be folded over to the desired height.

PRO-AIR 4 Features:

  • Worn and approved for use in the NHL, Pro-Air 4 is engineered with the most technical yarn on the market today. No glass or metal is used to achieve the high-level A4.
  • PRO-AIR 4 socks give players 360-degree, tongue-in or out protection and go 3 eyelets into the skate boot to protect the Achilles from serious skate lacerations.
  • Feather-Light: Weighing only 74 grams, The Pro Air 4 thin foot, gives players the comfort and feel in the boot without slipping they expect.
  • PRO-AIR 4 socks offer full calf protection, and our turn-down welt allows players to choose the height of protection they might prefer.
  • Our Non-Slip Foot delivers the maximum in boot feel, control, and performance.
  • Medium Compression that NHL players demand without cutting off any circulation.
  • Our unique fibres pull moisture from the inside to the outside of the sock, delivering the performance and comfort players demand along with exceptional durability, longevity and value.

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The Cutshield Advantage


CUTSHIELD HOCKEY’s revolutionary new PRO-AIR 4 is the thinnest and lightest sock on the market while also delivering the highest documented, tested and verified level of cut protection.


Feather-light, ultra-thin, maximum in-boot feel plus unprecedented protection. No compromises.

NHL players looking for the lightest, thinnest, highest performance hockey socks available choose our revolutionary new PRO-AIR 4 which also offers the highest level of cut protection on the market.  


Professional Hockey Players on all 32 NHL teams choose CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks due to our unique combination of performance, comfort and cut protection.

CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks offer the stretch and feel of regular (non-cut resistant) skate socks while offering a unique combination of comfort and performance combined with 360 degrees of cut protection.


Our innovative new PRO-AIR 4 range delivers industry-leading ASTM A4 cut levels without using any metal or glass in the yarn.

PRO-AIR 4 combines unprecedented levels of protection, delivered without the use of metal or glass, in a feather-light and ultra-thin, high-performance protective skate sock.

As a result, CUTSHIELD’s PRO-AIR 4 is the most technologically advanced skate sock on the market today. 

Feather Lite.  Ultimate Performance. Ultimate Protection.


CUTSHIELD HOCKEY protective skate socks can last up to 2-3 seasons while offering the comfort, performance and protection that NHL players demand combined with the durability and value that families expect.

Unlike our competitors’ socks, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY gear DOES NOT require special washing or drying.  All of our CUTSHIELD HOCKEY gear is wash, dry and play and fits into your busy lifestyle.

Unlike socks made with Dupont Kevlar®, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks DO NOT need any special laundering WILL NOT degrade in UV lighting or with moisture all while also offering superior comfort, performance, comfort, protection and durability.

Designed by Players. For Players.

SAFETY NOTICE: CUTSHIELD Hockey Socks are cut-resistant, not cut-proof, and have been proven to reduce the risk of serious injury. Intended for use in Ice Hockey.

NHL Proven Performance


CUTSHIELD HOCKEY protective gear is the choice of professional hockey players on all 32 NHL teams.  NHL Players choose CUTSHIELD HOCKEY because we offer the exceptional comfort, outstanding performance, and unprecedented protection that all hockey players demand.

Our gear is also featured in the following professional, college and major junior leagues:

NHL, AHL, OHL, QMJHL, Lac St-Louis AAA, GTHL, CWL, ECHL, NCAA, Deutsche Eishockey Liga, KHL, Swiss National League, and many others.

Ultimate Protection

Innovating in Ice Hockey since 2010

CUTSHIELD HOCKEY developed the cut-resistant category in ice hockey and has long offered hockey players superior cut-resistant technology to ensure ultimate protection combined with comfort and performance. Since 2010, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY has been a leader and innovator and continues to offer the best protection on the market.

Worn by players on all 32 NHL Teams, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks have saved over 37 NHL players from serious injuries.

All CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks go three eyelets into the skate boot and offer 360-degree tongue-in or out protection.

No Compromises

Comfort + Performance + Protection

NHL Players choose CUTSHIELD HOCKEY because we offer the exceptional comfort, outstanding performance, and unprecedented protection.

CUTSHIELD HOCKEY’s revolutionary new PRO-AIR 4 is the thinnest and lightest sock on the market while also delivering the highest documented, tested and verified level of cut protection.

CUTSHIELD HOCKEY’s PRO-CLASSIC line of socks, available in THIN and COMFORT foot, have set the standard for comfort and performance while providing A3 level cut protection.

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Cut Resistence



16 inch | 40 cm


Ultra Thin


Adult, Youth

Age Group


9 reviews for PRO-AIR 4

  1. Ryan D.

    Cutshield PRO-AIR 4 socks are so comfortable and soft on my feet that you couldn’t tell it’s a special protective sock. It is a sock that I can feel protected against the dangers of ice hockey. I wore them 4 games this weekend and they are my new favorite sock. I wear a kids size 3 shoe and the socks fit me.

    Riley D. Empire Hockey Club, Ontario, California, Mites Division in the SCAHA

  2. Roger A.

    I’ve been playing hockey my entire life. As a now 50-year old senior skater, safety and comfort are my top priorities when selecting equipment. Knowing that Cutshoeld Hockey Socks can protect me from injury brings me great peace of mind. These are also some of the most comfortable socks I’ve worn in my 40 plus years on the ice.

    Roger A.

  3. David S.

    Thank you CUTSHIELD HOCKEY!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with your socks!

    Your socks are so comfortable, and the fit is phenomenal! The sock around the foot is so thin, and feels seamless when I have them on. No bunching or clinging in my skates either. Just amazing!

    I’m a goalie and play 3 times a week. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.The one day in-between skates gives me a chance to wash and dry them for the next skate. My socks (PRO-AIR 4) have seen about 24 washes to date and there is no sign of any wear, or the elastics loosening any. In fact, I find the upper sock wears like a compression sock almost, and once it’s in place they never slide down or bunch up. Being a goalie I’m up and down a lot during a game and I’m never distracted by feeling like these socks are moving, coming down or bunching up. They are so comfortable!

    I love your socks so much that I gave a pair of the AIR-4 to a really good friend of mine. He’s a forward and plays 4 times a week, and he absolutely loves them too! He normal wears a regular compression sock because he loves that fit. He can’t believe that these feel even better than his old socks, and will protect him 100% more too!!

    Excellent product CUTSHIELD HOCKEY!! Keep up the great work, and thanks for keeping us players protected, and safer on the ice!!

    Very Sincerely,
    David S.,
    a.k.a. “Sis”

  4. Barry Brownlee

    The socks are comfortable and feel natural in the skate. After a game if you forget them in your bag they are not crunchy or gross as well, they seem to dry right off and stay feeling solid. The pair I had were a little tight around the calf but nothing made it hurt or uncomfortable. Just felt like I had taped my shingaurds down twice. All and all, solid material, solid socks, they are a beaut.
    Barry Brownlee (34 years playing hockey)
    Director for Adult Hockey, Montana, USA
    Former, OHL player

  5. Michael La Starza

    These cut resistant socks are amazing not only do they give me peace and mind, but to know I’m protected, and the comfort level is great, they actually soak up any water penetration from the ice and or sweat.
    Great product , I’ve been wearing them since August 2021 and haven’t used any other socks since. To feel protected is to feel safe to play the game I love.
    Thank you!
    Michael La Starza
    Sioux Falls Stampede, USHL

  6. Steve MckIchan

    I love my Cutshield PRO-AIR 4 cut resistant hockey socks! They are super soft, non-itchy, comfortable and light weight. In the past, I almost lost my leg to a skate cut because of osteomyelitis. Cutshield socks give me great peace of mind knowing I’m protected.

    Steve MckIchan
    Former Professional Goalie
    Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Coach

  7. Darrin Murphy

    Cutshield PRO-AIR 4 socks are our new favourite pair of socks! We love how thin, soft, and comfortable they are. Our parents love knowing that we are protected against skate cuts. The Cutshield wrist protectors are thin and light while still protecting us from skate cuts”.
    Duncan plays U12 AAA hockey for the Brantford 99ers in Brantford Ontario Canada.
    Aiden plays U11 AAA hockey for the Brantford 99ers in Brantford Ontario Canada.

  8. Brenda Schiestel

    I purchased the PRO-AIR 4 socks for my goalie, then a u11, now a u13. His summer goalie camp coach put an endorsement on his website and I thought why not. He might be local league (sometimes rep) but he has been on the bottom of a pile! Fortunately, they have not been needed that I’m aware of but they give me great piece of mind when I see him in a butterfly with lots of players digging for the puck!

  9. Anthony Lemarbre

    By far the best hockey socks i have ever worn they are comfortable, light, and really protective they became my go to socks for hockey and made me change my opinion about anti-cut socks because of my bad experience with other brands but those one are absolutely perfect. I highly recommend those socks to everybody! I was lucky enough to meet the owner of cutshield very nice guy so passionate in his work and that is proven into his product

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