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Cutshield Hockey Affiliate Program

Protect & Raise

Cutshield Hockey proudly announces a new affiliate program designed for minor hockey teams and associations, hockey-related charitable and fundraising groups.

Program Details

How the Protect and Raise Program Works

The Protect and Raise Affiliate Program offers teams, associations, their players and families an industry-leading discount on the same innovative cut-resistant protective gear worn by players on all 32 NHL Teams.
  1. Associations can extend the full amount of their discount to their players or choose to use a portion of the proceeds to fund their activities.
  2. Associations have often chosen to offer their players a substantial player discount and a smaller association funding commission.
  3. Should your association decide to retain a portion of the discount for funding purposes,  your account will be credited and payment issued upon an agreed minimum amount earned by cycle, typically every time you earn $100.00.
  4. Please submit the application form for further information about the program and discount percentages offered.

Application Details

What happens when we apply?

  1. Upon approval of your application,  you will receive an email with your login information including your User ID, provisional password, referral links, QR codes, discount codes requested and instructional screenshots.
  2. We will provide you with promotional graphics (Cutshield logos) that you can include on your website by linking to your special referral URL on
  3. Any players and/or their families using your referral links, QR codes or discount codes will have their visits and purchases credited to your association’s account.
  4. You will be able to monitor visits, purchases and commissions earned and credited to your association’s affiliate account through your Affiliate Dashboard on

Apply Now

Please submit your application below

Affiliate Program Application Form
Name of the person who will be responsible for your organization's affiliate account
Email address of the person who will be responsible for your organization's affiliate account
Phone number of the person who will be responsible for your organization's affiliate account
Your username will be used for your referral URL:
Your discount code will offer your players an exclusive discount.
What is the legal name of your organization or association?
How many players are in your organization or association?