Designed specifically for skaters who do not wear cut-resistant skate socks or no socks at all, the PRO-AIR ACHILLES CUFFS are a great option to protect that vulnerable gap between the bottom of the shin guards and the top of the skate boot.

  • Sold as One Pair
  • Ages 5 and up
  • 3.5 inches high, the cuffs offer cut-level A4 protection over a regular sock.


  • Based on our revolutionary PRO-AIR 4 socks which are worn and approved for use in the NHL, PRO-AIR ACHILLES CUFFS are engineered with the most technical yarn on the market today. No glass or metal is used to achieve the high-level A4.
  • When paired with our PRO-AIR A6 skate socks, the protection in that 3.5 area is over an A9 cut level.
  • If you skate in our PRO-AIR 4 skate socks, the cuffs bring the cut level in that 3.5-inch area to a cut level A8.
  • PRO-AIR footless tubes give players 360-degree, tongue-in or out protection and go 3 eyelets into the skate boot to protect the Achilles from serious skate lacerations.
  • Feather-Light: The Pro Air Achilles Cuffs give younger players and barefoot skaters the highest protection available on the market today.
  • Medium Compression that NHL players demand without cutting off any circulation.
  • Our unique fibres pull moisture from the inside to the outside of the tube, delivering the performance and comfort players demand along with exceptional durability, longevity and value.
  • Treated with antimicrobial, we have you protected on and off the ice.



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The Cutshield Advantage


CUTSHIELD HOCKEY’s revolutionary new PRO-AIR 4 ACHILLES CUFFS are the thinnest and most protective cuffs that also deliver the highest documented, tested and verified level of cut protection on the market.


Made from the same revolutionary fabric as our PRO-AIR 4 socks, CUTSHIELD’s Footless Tubes are feather-light, ultra-thin, and offer the highest level of cut protection on the market. No compromises.

Suitable for younger players, barefoot skaters and those looking for the lightest, thinnest, highest performance cut resistance that can be worn with or without a sock per player preference.


Professional Hockey Players on all 32 NHL teams choose CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks due to our unique combination of performance, comfort and cut protection.

CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks offer the stretch and feel of regular (non-cut resistant) skate socks while offering a unique combination of comfort and performance combined with 360 degrees of cut protection.


Our innovative new PRO-AIR 4 range delivers industry-leading ASTM A4 cut levels without using any metal or glass in the yarn.

PRO-AIR 4 fabric combines unprecedented levels of protection, delivered without the use of metal or glass, in a feather-light and ultra-thin, high-performance protective footless tube.

As a result, CUTSHIELD’s PRO-AIR 4 is the most technologically advanced cut-resistant fabric on the market today. 

Feather Lite.  Ultimate Performance. Ultimate Protection.


CUTSHIELD HOCKEY protective skate socks can last up to 2-3 seasons while offering the comfort, performance and protection that NHL players demand combined with the durability and value that families expect.

Unlike our competitors’ socks, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY gear DOES NOT require special washing or drying.  All of our CUTSHIELD HOCKEY gear is wash, dry and play and fits into your busy lifestyle.

Unlike socks made with Dupont Kevlar®, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks DO NOT need any special laundering WILL NOT degrade in UV lighting or with moisture all while also offering superior comfort, performance, comfort, protection and durability.

Designed by Players. For Players.

SAFETY NOTICE: CUTSHIELD Hockey Footless Tubes are cut-resistant, not cut-proof, and have been proven to reduce the risk of serious injury. Intended for use in Ice Hockey.

NHL Proven Performance


CUTSHIELD HOCKEY protective gear is the choice of professional hockey players on all 32 NHL teams.  NHL Players choose CUTSHIELD HOCKEY because we offer the exceptional comfort, outstanding performance, and unprecedented protection that all hockey players demand.

Our gear is also featured in the following professional, college and major junior leagues:

NHL, AHL, OHL, QMJHL, Lac St-Louis AAA, GTHL, CWL, ECHL, NCAA, Deutsche Eishockey Liga, KHL, Swiss National League, and many others.

Ultimate Protection

Innovating in Ice Hockey since 2010

CUTSHIELD HOCKEY developed the cut-resistant category in ice hockey and has long offered hockey players superior cut-resistant technology to ensure ultimate protection combined with comfort and performance. Since 2010, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY has been a leader and innovator and continues to offer the best protection on the market.

Worn by players on all 32 NHL Teams, CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks have saved over 37 NHL players from serious injuries.

All CUTSHIELD HOCKEY socks go three eyelets into the skate boot and offer 360-degree tongue-in or out protection.

No Compromises

Comfort + Performance + Protection

NHL Players choose CUTSHIELD HOCKEY because we offer the exceptional comfort, outstanding performance, and unprecedented protection.

CUTSHIELD HOCKEY’s revolutionary new PRO-AIR 4 is the thinnest and lightest sock on the market while also delivering the highest documented, tested and verified level of cut protection.

CUTSHIELD HOCKEY’s PRO-CLASSIC line of socks, available in THIN and COMFORT foot, have set the standard for comfort and performance while providing A3 level cut protection.

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